We stand for a resilient and healthy Aotearoa that empowers our youth, neighbourhoods and Z whānau.

Z has always stood for supporting the local communities in which we are based, but Covid-19 put these commitments into much sharper focus.

When we talked about the health of our own whānau our focus immediately came onto how we could best support and keep safe those Z frontline workers in our retail service stations. Faced with Covid-19 in our communities and our retail operations deemed essential services, it was our frontline whānau that supported their communities and in turn required our support.

Z’s retail operations provided an invaluable lifeline in many communities across New Zealand during the periods of Covid-19 lockdown, providing people and families with reliable, safe access to staple essential goods.

Year-on-year, sales of convenience store products rose by 3.5 percent as customers looked for a convenient and comfortable way to shop for basics and avoid supermarket queues.

With our frontline team serving the public across the country every day, our focus was also on their safety. We ensured plentiful supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) and Perspex screens and ensured clear signage was prominent at every site. All of our sites have contactless payments which further protected customers and our staff.

In the context of Covid-19, Z chose not to run its Good in the Hood community investment programme. Pulling it together over 197 sites felt like a distraction and handing out voting tokens was inconsistent with our safety and wellbeing commitments. Our teams had enough on their plates.

Instead, we sought to more directly and immediately support champions in our community. We donated $337,000 to our partners at St John Ambulance and $44,000 to Wellington Free Ambulance to support the operation of their ambulances during lockdown and donated free fuel to the New Zealand Student Volunteer Army who delivered food and essential supplies to elderly and vulnerable people across our communities.

In relation to our use of PPE on Retail sites, we needed some help here. During the initial national lockdown, we struggled to get our hands on enough initial supply of face masks for frontline workers. Westpac Bank supported us by providing some from their stocks. In return for the masks we made a $20,000 donation of fuel to the Life Flight Trust via our aviation team, which provided the ability to complete over 54 missions.

Diversity and Inclusion

We are committed to reflecting the diversity of New Zealand with an inclusive culture so that diversity can be fully expressed and manifest in tangible benefits. We will lead the way in developing a Kiwi firm that has our people being successful, being ourselves.

Z remains committed to building a genuinely diverse organisation where the success of the company is built upon the diversity of people, thinking, perspectives and backgrounds.

To achieve this outcome, we must get the best from all our people. This starts with every member of the Z team feeling included and comfortable bringing their best self to work every day. We seek to build a company that accurately reflects the composition and diversity of the communities we serve

Our strategy to drive diversity and inclusion

In February 2021 the Executive team considered, discussed and approved Z’s Diversity and Inclusion work programme for the next three years.

One of the elements discussed in confirming this plan was the need to promote and encourage diversity of thinking and a more inclusive style of leadership across the company.

While our engagement data shows people feel comfortable and free to share their thoughts and observations openly, there may be barriers emerging in which there is less listening and more tightly holding one’s own perspective than we would like.

In addition to specific Diversity and Inclusion targets, our new Leadership Framework focuses on what it takes to lead in a diverse workplace and get everyone contributing at their best, including:
• People Leaders valuing diversity and translating the collective mindsets, capabilities, and aspirations of their teams into positive impact; and
• Everyone achieving together by embracing an inclusive environment where anyone can safely ask a question, propose a new idea and/or provide constructive feedback.

These principles also underpin Z’s approach to organisational design.

Our Diversity and Inclusion work programme for FY22 is focused on maintaining Z’s core strengths and what is now ‘business as usual at Z’, for example maintaining Z’s Rainbow Tick accreditation and sharing our journey to date with others. At the same time, Z will continue to weave its Diversity and Inclusion commitments into all of Z’s processes and frameworks, actively celebrate diversity across all of its operations and continue to experiment with ways to increase representation in key areas.

While cementing ‘the basics’ of Diversity and Inclusion, Z has committed to sharpening its focus in accelerating progress in female, Māori and Pasifika representation. In particular, Z has committed to the following two enduring outcomes against which it will measure progress quarterly:
• Our population represents Aotearoa New Zealand
• We are one of the most inclusive workplaces in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Against these outcomes, Z has committed by the end of FY24 to closing the gender pay gap (currently sitting at 2% excluding our Executive), achieving a 45/45/10 gender ratio (men, women, any gender — including non-binary) at every career level in Z, and making material uplifts in our representation of women in operational roles and Māori employees.

Modern Slavery Statement

Z has published its Modern Slavery Statement for the 2020 reporting period, in compliance with the Australian Modern Slavery Act 2018. This is Z’s first Modern Slavery Statement, which outlines the steps the company has already taken and those it intends to take, to identify, manage and mitigate the specific risks of modern slavery in its operations and supply chain.

The full statement can be found here: Z publishes Modern Slavery statement - NZX, New Zealand’s Exchange