Investor FAQs

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1. Who owns Z Energy?
Z Energy is 100% free floated on the NZX and ASX. What this means is that 100% of our issued share capital is held by institutional investors and shareholders and we have no large strategic shareholders holding a large stake in Z Energy.
2. Do Infratil and the NZ Super Fund still own the majority Z Energy?
No. Infratil and the NZ Super Fund funded the acquisition of the Shell assets in 2010 which went on to form the basis of Z Energy. Infratil and the NZ Super both sold their holdings in Z Energy through the IPO in 2013 and then in various investor placements after the IPO. Currently Infratil does not own any Z Energy shares and NZ Super Fund invests as a minority shareholder in Z like it does in any number of other publicly-listed NZ companies.
3. Who runs Z Energy?
Z is managed by a highly experienced executive team that bring different skills and experiences in multiple industries (not just Oil & Gas) to Z to manage your company. You can find out more about our Executive team and our Board of directors here.
4. What is Z Energy doing about global warming and carbon emissions?
Z accepts the science around climate change and wants to be leader in managing the transition of the New Zealand economy towards a lower carbon future. The development and adoption of a lower carbon economy will take several years while the demand for energy does not stand still.

You can find out more about Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policies here.
5. When is Z Energy’s financial year?
Z Energy’s financial year is 12 months from 1 April to 31 March. The six months interim period for first half reporting is 1 April to 31 September. Z also produces quarterly operating data. This data is usually published for the first and third quarter of our operating year about three weeks after the end of the financial quarter (commonly mid-July and mid-January each year).
6. How can I buy or sell shares in Z Energy?
To buy or sell shares in Z Energy you must do this through a licensed stockbroker. A list of registered stockbrokers is available on the NZX website here.
7. What exchanges are Z Energy shares listed on?

Z Energy was listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange (ticker symbol ZEL.NZ) and the Australia Stock Exchange (ticker symbol ZEL.AU) in July 2013.

8. What indices are Z Energy shares included in?

Z Energy shares are included in 31 investible indices from a number of different index providers. The main indices that ZEL is quoted in are:

New Zealand NZX50
Dow Jones Global World
FTSE Global Small Cap

We are also a constituent of 26 different MSCI indices including:

MSCI Pacific ex. JP Small Cap Energy
MSCI New Zealand Small Cap
MSCI EAFE Small Cap. Oil, Gas & Consumable Fuels
MSCI AC Asia Pacific Small Cap

For the latest list please get in contact with the IR team at Z Energy.

9. Does Z Energy pay a dividend and when are dividends paid?

Yes. Find out more about Z Energy’s Dividend Policy and dividend history here.

Dividend payments are expected to be split into an interim dividend paid in December following our half-year results and a final dividend paid in June following our full year results. Z Energy will confirm the actual payment date when the dividends are declared by the Board.

10. What currency does Z Energy pay dividends in?

We pay dividends in $NZD to New Zealand resident holders and holders in all other international jurisdictions except Australia. For Australian resident holders we calculate the $NZD/$AUD exchange rate and pay the dividend in Australian dollars.

11. Does Z Energy offer a dividend reinvestment plan?

No. We believe in treating all shareholders equally and giving our shareholders the choice how they wish to spend their investment gains.

12. What is meant by an imputed dividend?

Imputation is a mechanism that a company can use to pass on credits for tax it has already paid on its profits rather than shareholders paying additional tax on the dividend. These imputation credits offset the amount of tax that the resident shareholders would otherwise be liable to pay on those dividends, so they aren’t taxed twice.

Please go to for more details on imputation credits.

13. How do I find out how much my Z Energy shares are worth?

On the Z Energy investor centre we have published several tools – like an historical price look-up tool – that might help you work out how much your shareholding is worth if you know how many shares you own and when you bought them. If you don’t know this or don’t have it to hand, give your broker a call.

14. Who do I contact if I have questions about my shareholding?

Please don’t contact the company directly about your shareholding. Due to data privacy legislation we will direct you to our registrars. If you have questions about your shareholding, please contact the share registry at:

Link Market Services Limited - New Zealand
PO Box 91976, Auckland 1142, New Zealand
Tel: +64 9 375 5998 (investor enquiries)

If you have a general investor enquiry, please contact us directly at Z Energy:
Freephone: 0800 474 355 (within New Zealand)
Tel: +64 4 888 8898 (Overseas)

15. How do I change my shareholder contact details or bank account details?

Please contact Link Market Services as per above, or login into your online Investor account.

16. How do I receive the Annual Report and other company announcements online?

At Z we aim to reduce our environmental footprint by producing as much investor material on-line as we can. To download the latest copy of our Annual Report please go here.

To receive a hard copy of the Annual Report in the post please update your shareholder preferences by contacting Link Market Services.

In accordance with NZX listing rules and FMA, Z Energy no longer produces a hard copy of our Interim Report. The latest digital version can be found here.

To receive alerts of monthly operating statistics, markets announcements and other investor news, please sign-up here to be added to our investor database.

17. Who do I contact if I have questions about my Z Energy bonds?

Link Market Services Limited – New Zealand
Level 11, Deloitte Centre, 80 Queen Street, Auckland 1010
Tel: +64 9 375 5998 (investor enquiries)

18. How do I get in contact with the Board of Directors?

For corporate governance matters or to contact Z’s Board of Directors or Chief Governance Officer please use the Email:

19. Where is Z Energy’s registered office?

Z Energy’s head office is in Wellington:
3 Queen’s Wharf
New Zealand

Our postal address is:
PO Box 2091
Wellington 6140
New Zealand

20. How many petrol stations does Z operate?

Z Energy currently operates just under 200 service stations in NZ. This number goes up or down from time to time as we close a station to upgrade it or sell a station that no longer fits into our network plan. Under the Caltex brand we bulk supply fuel to approximately 139 service stations all owned and operated by small business owners from all over NZ. Again, this number goes up and down as these business owners decide their own investment priorities.