Z stands for an environmentally sustainable New Zealand that is an example to the rest of the world and an inspiration to Kiwi. We will move from being a part of the climate change problem to the heart of the solution.

The fuels we sell and which our customers use produce approximately 10 percent of New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions. As a company we have always been committed to helping lead New Zealand towards a low emissions future and have experimented in adjacent technologies.

We were the first fuel company to introduce an EV charger at a retail service station, we have built a biodiesel production plant, invested in a ride-sharing service, offset all of our operational emissions and have introduced multiple sustainability initiatives covering waste and energy consumption. We have led discussion on important issues, contributing to industry research on biofuels, hydrogen and electric mobility as reflected in our submission to the Climate Change Commission’s Draft Recommendations; https://z.co.nz/assets/Uploads/Z-Energysubmission-to-the-Climate-ChangeCommission-March-2021-FINAL.pdf

Cutting emissions gets hard once the relatively simple emissions reductions opportunities have been completed and, despite what people say, not many want to pay any more for cleaner energy alternatives.

However, we have not executed some of our early initiatives as well as we would have liked and we must and will do better. We remain committed to Z moving to the heart of the climate change solution.

Over FY21 the issue of climate change became increasingly important for our investors, Government, customers and our own people. Our strategy remains focused on optimising our core business and transitioning to a low carbon future.

How we are tracking on our targets

We must act in order to make good on what we stand for. Our sustainability goals and targets were developed using the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a framework.

Three outcomes were set to lead us on a pathway to contribute authentically to the welfare of New Zealand’s natural environment and its people by the end of FY21. In addition, recognising our size and scale in New Zealand, our goals and targets cover Z’s operations as well as those of our key suppliers. The table below outlines our progress against these goals, with targets to be reset during FY22.


Note: Full details can be found at https://z.co.nz/about-z/what-matters/sustainability