Key Dates

Upcoming Events

Please find a list of upcoming investor events for the next financial year.

Please note that all dates are to be confirmed and dividends, both the amount and when paid, are subject to Board determination.


FY2020 Earnings Announcement
07 May 2020

Past Events

3QFY20 Operating Data
22 Jan 2020
FY2020 Interim Dividend
10 Dec 2019
1HFY20 Earnings Announcement
31 Oct 2019
Z Energy Investor Day 2019
01 Aug 2019
1QFY20 Operating Data
17 Jul 2019
FY2019 Final Dividend Paid
29 May 2019
UBS Australasia Conference
13 Nov 2018
Z Energy Investor Day 2017
28 Sep 2017